Why You Need a Coach

Why You Need a Coach

Ever wonder why you tried something that seemed to work great for someone else, but didn’t get the results they did?

Even though that particular someone else seemed to be just like you, wanted the same thing, and made it sound so easy?

There’s a very specific connotation in the word “tried,” that implies failure.

“I tried to be here on time but….”

“I tried that but….”

Mindset at the beginning of any endeavor to change your life is critical to whether or not you actually succeed or merely “try” something new. 

The difference is how strongly you resonate with the results, and whether the thought of success really gets you excited.

For example, do you want to lose 15 pounds, or do you want to look amazing in your bathing suit this summer now that your kid is almost a year old?

Do you just want to get rid of the brain fog, or will the higher level of energy and focus allow you to finally finish that project or start that business you’ve been putting off?

A coach is someone who helps you align with your vision, keeping the focus on what you want. If you’re always running away from things you don’t want, you can’t keep sight of your goals, what’s right in front of you, or even notice what’s happening right now! Being present, and having a mindset that tells the world there’s nothing gonna stop you this time means you’re more committed to success than to your excuses. But for some of us, that’s easier said than done. 

You might be reading this right now and thinking to yourself, “I’ve tried everything, but I’m special and nothing is going to change to get me the results I say I want.” And that’s exactly why you need a coach. The truth is, if you really desire to change and create a life with more health, happiness, connection, and ease, then it starts by acknowledging that anything you desire is possible. A coach’s first job is to connect you with that vision, the one that seems impossible, but feels so good to imagine just for a moment. Then it’s time to get to work, to take small, incremental steps that build momentum and defy the odds. As Marie Forleo says, it’s “progress, not perfection.” 

The pressure is off to solve every problem all at once. Rather, a coach supports you in deciding what is a bit of a stretch, but also realistic, to get you out of the comfort zone of your old habits. New habits and new decisions lead to different outcomes, the ones we choose rather than the ones we had felt helpless to change. 

Do I need a coach?

You’re damn right I do! I have people that count on me to hold space for their vision, their lives to upgrade to what others said would be impossible. Who is counting on you to do the same for them? Will you show them that they can accomplish their dreams, or should they settle for disappointment?

This is your calling! It’s your vision for how you want your life to look. Are you inspired by that vision? How does your body feel when you imagine your health and your life exactly the way you want them? If you can dream it, you can be it!

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