Kale is NOT a Superfood

Kale is NOT a Superfood

It’s like I was eating superfood asbestos that everyone told me was good for me and it was actually making me worse!”

I was just going over the “red light” foods on my program with a new client and that was what she said when she found out how many foods she was being advised to eat were actually making her much much worse. . .

She couldn’t be more right. 

I see it time and time again. 

Every new client is astounded to learn how many foods they thought were essential to health but were actually contributing to joint and muscle pain, weight gain, low energy and calcium build-up like kidney and gallbladder stones or arthritis, along with a whole host of other unsavory things. 

Take kale for example.

Most people think it’s a nutrient-dense superfood, whether they’re following a vegan, keto, Whole30 style diet or just trying to eat “healthy.” Truth is, it’s loaded with stuff that the plant puts in there to deter other things from eating it.

Think about it.

The leaves of a plant are what makes the plant’s food. They don’t want you to eat it. Just like tobacco makes an extremely potent pesticide in its leaves called nicotine.

That’s why these dark leafy greens are an “asbestos of superfoods.”

What we thought was a miracle cure, turned out to cause even more problems.

They contain oxalates that build up calcium crystals in your body, causing painful joint and muscle pain, kidney and gallbladder stones. The kidneys are highly vulnerable, but oxalates can also cause problems with bones, joints, hair, eyes, and skin.[1] Calcification in the digestive tract contributes to digestive problems like leaky gut.[2] They even contribute to calcification in your arteries and may be a major contributor to heart disease.[3] Greens like kale and collards are also goitrogenic.[4]

For someone having a hard time losing weight, that’s a big problem.

They shut down the hormones that control weight loss so it doesn’t matter if you completely eliminate all the things everyone else tells you is making you fat. It literally becomes impossible to lose weight, and that’s exactly what my clients were doing before they learned the truth about weight loss. If you’re struggling to stay in shape or nothing works to stop gaining weight, I’m going to share more secrets like this in our online community to help you stop eating the “asbestos” foods that are making the problems worse. Just like we thought asbestos was the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’m going to take apart the health food crazes and set the record straight.

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