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How do our clients eliminate their uncomfortable symptoms or help their children heal without restrictive diets or dozens of supplements, all while eating the foods they love?


They follow our simple 3-step process to get our of their own way and let their body heal.

Now, what's amazing is that this has worked for so many people with so many different diagnoses. 

Whether they thought they had thyroid problems, autoimmune, Lyme, adrenal fatigue, Candida, gluten intolerance... you name it! 

And it even helps kids with gut or skin problems, behavioral issues or neurological divergence.

Nothing else worked until they learned our system.

That's because everything else they tried before was trying to solve the wrong problem.

The problem is, that even "holistic" health and nutrition focuses on symptoms.

So they don't see the actual person sitting in front of them, allowing them to ignore their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in order to just try and surgically remove the problem.

But treating symptoms just leads to more symptoms, at the expense of the overall health of the person.

Just suppressing inflammation doesn't get rid of the cause of your inflammation!

Simply taking hormones when your body doesn't want to make those hormones doesn't fix the hormones!

If we can accept that the body doesn't make mistakes, we can start to listen to what our symptoms are telling us our bodies actually need.

That's why allowing doctors to poison our bodies enough to hopefully kill our cancer but not us is just as crazy as taking harsh, irritating supplements or following unnatural diets to try and "detox" or "cleanse" our diseases out of our bodies!

It just removes the message our body gave us that could have led us to a real solution.

We need to learn to listen to and work with our bodies.

The first step is to reset your gut and soothe your nervous system by giving your body what it really needs.

By giving the body everything it needs and soothing the gut, you can start to rest and digest.

Your bloating, fatigue, and many other symptoms start to melt away.

Stop thinking that you can force your body to "detox" when it doesn't want to detox.

It will only clean and heal itself when you give it the conditions it needs to feel safe to do so.

Cleanses and detoxes, and even just restrictive diets in general, actually increase the stress the body experiences through deprivation or excess.

Meaning even if you feel a little better at first, your symptoms soon get worse because you're still running on stress hormones.

Once we reset your gut, we focus on keeping your body out of survival mode.

That's because if you're doing things that trigger your survival hormones, your body isn't doing things like resting and digesting. 

It's easy to get trapped in this vicious cycle, where we are constantly worried about food, which makes our bodies freak out when we eat!

No wonder we feel bloated and uncomfortable all the time.

This is why mindset is so important.

Just making a few simple changes to most peoples' diets and helping them calm their nervous system before eating is all it takes to eliminate the anxiety and fear around food, while improving digestion, energy, sleep and mood.

Then, we can start focusing on healing.

Now that your body is not trapped in survival mode, and all the stress hormones, your naturally healthy, happy hormones can return.

Your naturally healthy, happy hormones are the only way you can change the future of your health.

This is the key to resolving a lifetime of trauma without having to hold on to it in your body any longer.

The same trauma that probably triggered many of your chronic symptoms.

But you can't do this with pills, stressful daily routines, or extreme diets.

You have to follow this exact process:

1. Reset your gut

2. Keep your body out of survival mode by consistently providing the nutrition your body needs

3. Rest and digest your way back to feeling great, building a strong mind, strong body, and loving your life!


This is how you become the healthy, happy version of yourself that you know is just trapped inside under all that stress and discomfort. 

Who would you be if you could master your health in just a few months?

What would you be doing?

What have you already missed out on in life because you a prison of your own body?

Now you know exactly what you need to do to break free. 

So if you've been struggling and not getting anywhere just treating symptoms with crazy diets, prescriptions, or supplements, this is the opportunity you've been praying for.

I make a few times available on my calendar for people just like you to get on a free call with me to see if what I do makes sense for helping you.

If it does, you'll learn exactly how to do that and you'll have the opportunity to have my help every step of the way.

If not, that's ok, too.

You'll still get lots of critical information to help you on your journey.

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Why wait any longer to find out if a radically different approach to your health is what you really need?

I hear it on every one of these calls: "wow, I've never heard anything like this before!"

But most importantly, it actually makes sense.

It explains your chronic symptoms.

It explains why nothing else works.

It explains why things actually seem to get worse the harder you try.

It could all be so much simpler.

This is for you if...

  • You’ve “tried” every diet and nothing seems to help
  • You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, especially about food
  • You’re struggling to create connection with your partner and your kids
  • The anxiety about making mistakes is keeping you from living your life
  • Your family is also struggling with unresolved symptoms
  • You feel all alone in your struggle

What you will get:

  • Clarity about what’s really important to you and your family
  • Real solutions to creating a body you love, by eating foods you love
  • Confidence to trust your intuition and nourish yourself and your family
  • More joy, connection and ease to handle the challenges of parenthood
  • Freedom to slow down, relax and enjoy your daily routines

How will it happen:

  • Personalized game plan and 1:1 coaching to simplify your life and create room for what you want
  • Easy to follow nutrition program with an online course to help you put all the pieces together
  • Dozens of delicious, kid-friendly (dad-friendly, too) recipes and meal plans
  • Product recommendations and lifestyle guides to ease stress and simplify living.
  • Mindset coaching including workshops in meditation, breathwork, journaling, gratitude, goals setting, etc.
  • A system of accountability to help you create and maintain pleasurable new habits.

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