My favorite supplements (and why I don't need them anymore)

My favorite supplements

The drug and supplement industry don’t want you to stop needing their products.


That wouldn’t be good for business.


And that’s how I was trained to use supplements for myself and my clients.


Using them to treat symptoms and help people avoid making necessary changes to improve their health.


Now it’s true that some people taking supplements have made drastic changes in their diet and lifestyle.


But how many actually get to the point where they don’t need them at all anymore?


I can tell you very confidently: almost none.


And yet, that’s what I had to do, after realizing that many of the supplements that myself and many others are taking everyday are actually causing other problems.


These problems may not be obvious right away.


They are usually insidious problems that slowly develop over time, and since these supplements have so much research and so many people swearing by them, they evade our ability to question them.


Like the problems I described that I experienced from taking “vitamin” steroid D supplements.


Because it was impossible for me or any expert I worked with to ever question the supplements, I was always told it was something else like Lyme, mold, Candida or any other of the “holistic” bogeymen.


So what did I use while I was fixing these problems?


Well, first I got my diet on point: meeting protein needs, eliminating things like “superfoods” that were irritating my gut and overwhelming my body, and keeping my blood sugar stable.


This allowed my body to start healing.


And I supported it with just these few supplements:


  1. Vitamin E

  2. Vitamin K2

  3. Lactoferrin

  4. Shilajit

  5. Aloe vera juice


That’s it!


From taking literally dozens of different supplements, I narrowed it down to just these few that actually helped my body overcome years of struggles.


Currently, I’m only using aloe vera juice once or twice a day, and I get lactoferrin from drinking raw milk.


I have been symptom free for almost 5 years now, and I have shown many other people how to do the same.


Because underlying so many different disease there are only a small handful of causes.


Oxidative stress, unstable blood sugar, protein deficiency, irritants in the diet, and emotional conflicts.


These underlying issues fuel chronic infections, autoimmune conditions, and most other issues I’ve seen actually successfully resolved.


It’s pretty simple: eat high quality protein, raw dairy, lots of fruit, and stop doing anything that’s not working.


So if you’re not as healthy as you’d like to be, the first step is to stop all the supplements.


Then work on your diet and stabilizing your blood sugar so you stop accidentally putting your body into low blood sugar and triggering stress hormones.


Same with getting adequate protein, because when you’re unwell or inflamed your body needs significantly more protein than an otherwise healthy person.


Then we can use specific supplements to accomplish specific tasks.


Like how I used the vitamin E to fix the damage from vitamin A toxicity and taking lots of omega 3 supplements (also vegan diet) for years.


I used K2 to fix the damage from the D supplements and fortified foods.


The lactoferrin and shilajit addressed issues with iron and helped get my chronic infections (Lyme, Candida, mold) under control.


The aloe vera juice helped soothe and heal my gut, like it would help heal a burn.


But now I’ve resolved these issues and have eliminated the conditions that caused them, so I don’t need them anymore!


Now I manage my health with my diet, lifestyle, meditation and addressing emotional conflicts by developing my understanding of German New Medicine.


This is the same process I can guide you through, and see how your health, and your entire life, can transform over the course of 6 months.


Even if you’ve worked with me in the past, if you’re looking to get off the drugs and supplements so you can create lasting freedom and take control of your health, let’s work together to figure out your unique path.


Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


So schedule a free call for us to really dig into why you’re not getting the results you want.

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