Raw Milk #4: Iron, Gut Health, Candida, and an Autism Testimonial

Raw Milk #4: Iron, Gut Health, Candida, and an Autism Testimonial

Newborn babies have an almost non-functioning digestive system.

The mother’s milk has everything it needs to digest itself for the baby to absorb.  Formula fed babies have dramatically higher rates of constipation, IBS and obesity.  They also have dramatically different gut flora.[1] Without raw milk from their mother, it sets the stage for chronic illness and infection. This is seen in much higher rates of childhood antibiotic use than in previous generations. As well as much higher rates of doctor visits for tummy troubles, food sensitivities, allergies and asthma.

Raw milk has proven effective at treating h. pylori, e. coli, Candida and other pathogens. That is because it helps create a healthy gut flora, but also because it contains a protein called lactoferrin. Babies have an undeveloped iron-regulatory and immune system in the first few weeks or months of life. The milk does all the iron regulation for them with this protein, which is most abundant in the colostrum right after birth. It is a critical part of the human immune system, produced in our mucosa, saliva, and even in our tears.  Baby formula lacks lactoferrin, which is why the gut becomes overgrown with unhealthy bacteria and fungi.

The unhealthy pathogens are competing with our bodies and healthy gut flora for iron. Therefore, one of the primary functions of the immune system is to sequester free iron from pathogens. This was seen in severe cases of Covid that presented like altitude sickness. The body was removing too much iron from the blood to effectively transport oxygen. So even with a ventilator, the patient was slowly suffocating as a result of the natural immune response.

This is also why formula-fed babies have higher rates of diseases related to oxidative stress, including autism. One study compared breast fed babies to babies given formula fortified with omega 3 fatty acid DHA and iron. The formula babies “were significantly more likely to have autistic disorder.”[2] That’s what happens when you combine unbound, magnetic iron with polyunsaturated fats. Much higher levels of oxidative stress, which is seen in 100% of autistic children.

In fact, one study to test this theory gave baby rats unbound iron for 14 days. They were fed formula just like human babies. Then they were examined as adults and found that just those 14 days of exposure led to a lifetime of iron dysregulation. It appeared as the same chronic diseases prevalent in humans. Heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease with iron in the brain, low bone density and more.

My client Ashley came to me specifically to help her son who had been diagnosed with autism. He struggled with school, emotional cues and behavioral issues. A year later, he is now enrolled in a normal school without special care and is no longer labeled as special needs.

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