Raw Milk #6: Stress - the silent killer, can raw milk help?

Raw Milk #6: Stress - the silent killer, can raw milk help?

Can Raw Milk Be the Answer?

Recent studies show that disease progression is fueled by iron dysregulation increasing oxidative stress, which is almost always undetected until it’s too late.

For example, in diabetes, iron dysregulation fuels insulin resistance.

However, the iron problem doesn’t show up when testing pre-diabetics![3

The iron dysregulation only shows up in blood tests when someone is fully diabetic. And up until that point, it often looks like a deficiency when in fact it’s just iron in the wrong places.

That is because the body is incredibly capable of maintaining balance when we only look for problems in the blood. The blood does not show us the trajectory of the person’s health. It is just a tiny sliver of the overall picture. When problems show up in the blood, they are far more advanced than when the symptoms began showing up.

This could be true for anyone who has issues with sugar and carbs. Even if they’re not overweight, like I was. For most people, chasing a six-pack stomach in unhealthy ways is just as bad as a highly processed diet because of the stress. And someone with other symptoms like chronic fatigue or waking up to pee all night, may have a yet undetectable iron problem. Random “flare ups,” often blamed on parasites or candida or lyme, are better explained by oxidative stress than by magical organisms. How do they get from one place to another? They don’t. But stress hormones and their by-products that cause pain and inflammation from oxidative stress do.

Cannabis products like CBD are major antioxidants, which is why they can be helpful for reducing symptoms of these diseases. Just increasing antioxidant intake without stopping the triggers of oxidative stress won’t stop the disease. It’s like trying to stop an avalanche with a shovel.

Eventually, the body won’t be able to compensate anymore.  Then it will become a full-blown metabolic disorder, which could be any of the diseases related to oxidative stress. These include autoimmunity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, fertility issues, autism, neurodegenerative disease, Lyme and even long covid. It shows up as chronic pain, weak joints and even osteoporosis. Hormone problems and infertility are just the body’s natural response to being chronically stressed.

But you won’t know what’s causing these problems until it’s too late if you’re just going to depend on blood tests. Especially blood tests that intentionally confuse the symptoms for the causes. The body works hard to make sure the blood chemistry is ideal, but the tissues may be a mess - that’s where the disease is. Your blood doesn’t hurt; your body does. This is why so many people get blood work only to hear “there’s nothing wrong with you.” Or worse yet, they do find something that is fixed with a drug or supplement, only to find it doesn’t help them feel better. It may have made things worse by overriding one of the body’s defense mechanisms!

Many pregnant women have experienced this when they were told they were anemic. Then they took iron pills that messed up their gut and made them feel awful. The gut lining is the first line of defense against too much iron and will block absorption to avoid iron toxicity (constipation/IBS). The iron trapped there is causing chronic oxidative stress and damaging the gut lining.

If you have symptoms like:

  • chronic pain,

  • chronic fatigue,

  • chronic infections (especially for children),

  • neurological symptoms,

  • digestion problems (especially new food sensitivities),

  • weak joints/connective tissue,

  • graying hair,

  • worsening vision, or have been diagnosed with something like

  • fibromyalgia,

  • chronic Lyme,

or any of the other disease mentioned above, then listen up.

Learning how to use raw milk to address your iron problem and reduce oxidative stress is the most important step to reducing your symptoms. This includes issues with blood sugar, because the iron dysregulation is making you diabetic, not the sugar.

This doesn’t magically work by itself. It must be combined with a thorough examination of the ways in which you inadvertently stress your body. For many people it’s simple things like skipping breakfast or coffee on on empty stomach. Or dieting, restrictive diets, or even just overwhelming the body with supplements. Staying up late on screens or other addictive behaviors that increase cortisol. I could go on and on. The only way to know for sure is to actually assess your own lifestyle, and your history in relation to stress. Often times, you can pinpoint when things began to shift and isolate stressful periods in your life.

If you fix the iron problems, you eliminate a lot of symptoms, especially gut issues, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.  It’s how I healed myself and it’s how you can heal yourself too.

Want to find out if your issues could benefit from raw milk? Give it a try or drop me a line to schedule a free call and let’s find out. Meanwhile, find a local farmer and thank them for providing the healing foods our world needs!

Check out www.realmilk.com and https://getrawmilk.com/ to see if you can find it near you. In NYC uddermilk.com delivers to homes once per week!

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