The Conundrum of Skincare

The Conundrum of Skincare

Finding the right beauty/skincare products can be so overwhelming. Aisle upon aisle of options and the majority of them are total crap. Full of chemicals and ingredients we want to avoid. And looking for something on the internet can be even more frustrating. 

Why can’t I find the exact thing that I want?! It has to be out there!!

It can be so hard to make decisions and finally decide on a product, especially one that meets all of your criteria.

So what can we do?

  1. Say “screw it”, and buy whatever
  2. Acknowledge the limitations and find the best product that meets “most” of your needs.
  3. Continue researching and maybe find a few products that meet all of your needs.
  4. Make your own DIY skincare products, maybe this will work. 
  5. Give up all skincare products besides soap, and maybe deodorant.

I can personally say I’ve done a little bit of each of these over the past few years. I mostly pared down the number of products I use. In taking a less is more stand my skin definitely feels healthier then it has in years. As an adult I suffered from acne, horrible skin that would swing between dry and oily. I was constantly trying to get rid of the blemishes and in the long run did way more damage with very strong (and sometimes bad for you) products. There are solutions, we all deserve to feel beautiful and to love the skin we’re in (actually & metaphorically). But as always bandaids don’t heal wounds. And if you have problem skin, fixing the root of the problem (i.e. your digestion, metabolism, etc.) is the only long term solution. 

As you are on your journey to fix your health and your skin, your largest organ will need some love. And you may still feel the need, pressure, or desire to use make-up regularly. Everyone does things differently. BUT giving your skin as much time to breath and be free of all chemicals is a great idea. Potential solutions: take your make-up off once you’re done with work for the day, don’t wear make-up on the weekends, find/use less products. 

All this week on our Mighty Network we are talking skincare and I will be sharing some of the products we’ve found through extensive research that meet almost all of our criteria. Check out what we have to offer and share what you’ve found!

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