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The Summer Collection

The Summer Collection

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All your summer favorites in one easy bundle.


Bug Repellent Stick

Our all natural, PUFA-Free bug repellent stick is made with a unique blend of essential oils to deter even the peskiest bugs – including ticks! Protect yourself from insect bites and harmful ingredients found in conventional products. The tube applicator makes it super convenient to rub on and beeswax helps it last all day. Simple, natural ingredients make it safe for use on young kids and even forest school approved! 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Tallow, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Essential Oils

Tallow Sun Protection

Our natural, tallow-based sun lotion nourishes skin while preventing sunburns. It guards against skin damage caused by polyunsaturated fats reacting to sun exposure. This whipped lotion goes on smooth, rubs in clear and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or clogged. Your skin will feel hydrated and protected which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Simple, clean ingredients make it safe for use on young children. 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, Organic Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Butter, Non Nano-Zinc Oxide

Summer Balm

Your new companion for summer shenanigans. This all-natural balm treats rashes, cuts, bug bites, poison ivy, and minor skin irritations. Tallow nourishes with essential nutrients for healthy, strong skin. Calendula and comfrey promote quick healing, jewelweed relieves itching and bentonite clay removes toxins. 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, Calendula, Comfrey, Jewelweed, Bentonite Clay, Essential Oils

Vitamin C Spray

Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine on skin and hair to reduce exposure. It soothes itching, minimizes chemical damage and eliminates the strong odor. Prevents brittle, dry hair and helps swimsuits resist fading and deterioration. Antioxidant properties accelerate your skin’s healing process to recover from sunburn and prevent premature aging. Infused with rose and grapefruit essential oils for a truly refreshing experience. 

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Rosa Centifolia, Sodium Ascorbate, Grapefruit Essential Oil

Scent Profiles

All scents and sticks are created with high quality-pure- essential oils.



Grounded: vetiver forward, with cedar, frankinsense, and rosemary

Mother & Baby: Young Living Gentle Baby Blend

Optimistic: Ylang ylang and vanilla high notes, with bergamont and patchouli low notes

Relax: Lavender forward with grounding rosemary, clary sage, and frankinsense

Romantic: Rose high notes with floral geranium, clary Sage, and ylang ylang. Patchouli and frankinsense low notes.

Unscented: Contains no essential oils


Lip Balms:

Peppermint: Peppermint

Orange Vanilla: Orange, vanilla

Care information

These products contain no preservatives and will change texture and consistency over time.

Protect products from extreme temperatures to preserve quality. Products will soften or melt with heat and become gritty with very cold temperatures.

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